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March 22nd, 2009 by Solange

I once went to an 80th birthday party, the 80th Birthday card message was a poem, written by an “old friend” of the celebrated new octogenarian. It rhymed with 20 and add that very personal touch, it was witty and funny.

You can add your own poem to your e-card, but where do you start? It all seems very easy when you see cards in the shop, and think “I can do that” but a very different ball game when contemplating the blank space where you words should be.

It sounds obvious but think of the person you are sending the card to. Then quickly make a mental review of what define your relationship with the recipient of your chosen words.
• What does this person means to you?
• What does he or she does/did for you?
• Why are you sending this card?

You will also need to think of a short list of words that define the person. Scribble all this down, now you are ready, you can start.

For example : you would like creating an ode for your best friend’s birthday card whom you have known for a long time; shared a lot of the good times and bad times with, he/she has always been there for you. The One you  have shared secrets with, if fact he/she is a bit like your confessor. This person is dependable  and very …nice which by the way that rhymes with… advice.
So what about :
 To my best friend,
“my one confessor
I trust your advice
I thank you for
being reliable and nice”

Of course it may not be as good as Emily Dickson or Shakespeare’s but it is yours and it rhymes and it comes from the heart so that what counts, really it does. Think about all the cards you have received, and the presents, these that first spring to mind are these that had a special touch, which were hand made or put together with you in mind. In lots of ways when you send a card you aim at achieving the same effect.

My dad was really touched with my “Number one Dad” poem last year,  The greeting card was printed and it hangs on his wall, though I suspect my mum has put it there!

And don’t forget with Mother’s & Father’s Days coming up soon, you could send a card to your friends who had their first baby to wish them love and luck in the future.

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