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February 20th, 2009 by Solange

There are so many occasions to send cards and so little time. offers you greeting cards which cover every single occasion on your calendar. It is fast and reliable. The choice is large and the customisation unique to you:

One simple customization to your e-cards can make all the difference. When choosing a greeting card to send to someone think about adding the following:


  • Music: “when thinking about the person, are you reminded of a song? If so you should add it with the card”.
  • Is the recipient fond of a color? Do you want to enhance your card: then “add a colored border to enhance the card”.
  • ”Try to write a message or choose a poem to include with your card”. Messages are the most important part of the card, few well chosen words will make all the difference
  • Photo cards are all the rage, “make somebody’s day by adding a photo to your card”.


If you choose to send a paper card instead and do not have much time here are 10 crafty-fast ideas.


  1. Shape it up: Cut out a paper-shape that you know the recipient will like and decorate it, for example: a hand-bag, flip-flops, a car, an elephant
  2. Use stick-on lettering for your message; you can get packs of ready messages in all sorts of colors, so your message will read clearly.
  3. Use photos: favourite memories involving your friend, type a jolly message underneath, use humour for personal memories, after all you want to bring a smile on your friend’s face.
  4. Use cut out of famous people that have similarities with your friend.
  5. Cut out astrological signs and use them as embellishments
  6. Find an origami pattern and practise it a few time before using it as a card, you could hide your message in the folds
  7. Use sweet-heart candies to tell somebody you love them, find the most appropriate ones and glue them on a card.
  8.  Don’t forget haberdashery and sewing shops: buttons, ribbons, embroidery such as flowers are really cheap to buy. Layer them on card and paper.
  9. Add stitching to your card: use a ruler and pencil to space the points evenly
  10. cut out an hole in a blank card and attach a charm or a small piece of jewellery.


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Greeting Cards On A Budget

October 29th, 2008 by Solange

Sending stylish personalised greeting cards does not have to cost the earth using free internet cards. Making greeting cards is not an expensive hobby, but sending cards for all occasions quickly mounts up, soon you will be looking for tips to keep the cost down.


Personally I love beautiful cards, it is great to be able to use embellishments or little gems but they cost therefore I am always on the look out for bargains  I research and compare their price, bid or buy on line.


Cheaper alternatives don’t have to look tatty, with a little imagination you can create great looking cards worthy of their  expensive counterparts.

Here are some tips to keep the cost down:


l  if you are a students, part of a club, or taking your kids to school, ask to put a notice up. The card making community is extremely large, you will meet card-makers this way, then you can get together to swap material or buy material with a bulk discount.

l  Soon you will have collected quiet a lot of material, making it easy to forget what material you already have, moreover some of the bits are often extremely small and tend to “disappear”. Make sure that you keep track of your collection. Tidy is the word that comes to mind.

l  I buy my base-cards on sheets rather than pre-cuts one, the card is easy to cut offering you more flexibility, you can have different shapes too as well as various sizes and it is less expensive

l  I am always on the look out for freebies scattered across the internet and free downloads.

l  Giving is receiving:  the more you send cards the more you will receive, which will allow you to recycle the design, using decoupage technique.

l  Some techniques use surprising recycled material: aluminium shapes made out of cans: cut a can open and use the aluminium inside. Recycle CD cases instead of envelops : glue your design inside the box.

l  Cards which are not overly “busy” often have a stronger impact, few carefully chosen materials goes a long way

l  Recycle whenever you can, my friends always laugh when after a party I rummage through ribbons and wrapping papers. With a little mischief my booty will be included in their next card.


If you want to have fun as well as cutting the cost, making paper is great fun however it is much more involved and you will possibly will have to spend some time teaching yourself before you can get a nice sheet.

New Music For Ecards

August 3rd, 2008 by admin

We added over 60 new music files for you to choose from to add to your cards. Simply choose the card you want to send, click on the music button, and you will be able to choose the right music for your card.