Happy Holidays

December 26th, 2008 by admin

Merry Christmas from all of us at kwikecards.com. We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and spending time with their loved ones. 2008 has been an interesting year and the New Year’s just around the corner. During this break you should start thinking about your new year’s resolutions, look to the future and set new goals for next year.

Christmas Cards

December 4th, 2008 by Solange

The first Christmas card was sent 150 years ago, an old tradition still going strong, and I could bet you that folks in the 19th century were asking themselves the very same questions as we are today:

“What is the fashion for this year’s card?”. “What should my message be?”

One question you can be sure they were not troubled with, is : “is it acceptable to send an e-card for Christmas?”



So what are the trends for 2008? In a world of uncertainty, traditions, and emotions are exacerbated and this year’s buzz words are Memories, Tradition & Religion, and Magic & Change.


Memories: a perfect fit for e-cards. Memories are best embodied by personal pictures. There will be a lot of that in December: Corporate or private many cards will proudly be picture-cards.


Tradition & Religion: Away with the blues and the silver. Deep reds and gold are back, we might also see the emergence of vibrant orange and leaf green. Traditional pictures and traditional religious pictures of the birth of Jesus such as those seen way back when the first Christmas cards were sent are resurging - the modern touch might be provided by vibrant jewel tones and metallics.


Magic & Change: We have just withnessed the pledge and starting turn in America with this year’s historical election. What we need now is to see the prestige and a change in the hearts & minds of fellow Americans – what better time to work all that magic than Christmas.



The Remaining question: Paper card or e-card? A printed card is part of the home decoration but if  the receiver is so intent on showing off the number of cards received, there is not doubt that your e-card will be printed.

There is a general consensus nowadays which is, friends and family deserve a paper card, with hand-made paper cards for the very special people, showing them that not only you care, which is done regardless of the medium, but that you have devoted a precious commodity : time & thought to their card.


For Business partners and work greetings, e-cards are now seen as more appropriate. However, if you don’t want your card to disappear in the spam box, you need to make sure that you appear as the clear sender. E-cards are quick and easy to send, this is a great advantage but it might be interpreted differently by the recipient, so don’t leave your Christmas greetings till the last minute or you will appear as disorganised or even worse lazy. Where e-cards will save you money, clients might interpret this as not being important enough for a stamp, so make sure that your card carry warmth in its message.