Thanksgiving Starts Here

November 12th, 2008 by Solange

With so much to do prior the end of the year, why not using Thanksgiving to send cards to relatives and business partners alike. This way you don’t have to agonize over should I / shouldn’t I send a card to great-auntie Moany when it comes to Christmas. Every one appreciates a Thanksgiving message. It is really unifying, it also has the obvious advantage as to alienate the specific religious ties which can lead to slightly difficult situations when dealing with people who are not celebrating Christmas.


With e-cards you can add music. Cards with sounds are very popular; e-cards are also printable, so you can choose to print and send. Thanksgiving cards have a long shelve live, they will probably stay on display until “the next lot” arrives and that might not be before Christmas. Fewer people send cards at Thanksgiving than at Christmas, so it will make yours stand out which is perfect for business relations.


It is only natural that many people get stuck and lack inspiration for their greeting-cards. This is when technology come to the rescue and e-cards in particular. You want your card to stand out, but at the same time to be traditional. Fall colors are perfect to make a lovely cards. Wonderful oranges, brown and dark green which can be complemented very nicely by blues and dark reds, just what you need for Thanksgiving.



This year, the trend for this second semester is said to be “vintage”.  Again, I can’t think of something more perfect for Thanksgiving as vintage greeting cards. Vintage greeting cards consists of old sepia, like in these old 19th century portraits. However, sepia is not the only colour, muted purples, greens, blues and faded pinks are also back “on the cards”. But retro does not mean dull and it can be real fun to use a bit of vintage chic, especially when you decide which embellishments to add. Personalizing cards is always a good idea, if you know people who like travelling, and there are few that don’t, or if your business partners are always zooming from A to B. Find fades maps and ancient post cards which can be used as backgrounds. For the embellishments buttons and keys are just so cool and right in the current trend.


Thanksgiving is around the corner so we need to get started with our cards.